Mark A. Miller – Architect

Mark A. Miller – Architect
7235 N. Sheridan Road,
Chicago, IL  60626
p. 773.764.FLOW

I will donate 10% of my fee, from working with you on a project, to MKP

I am an architect and builder with over 25 years of experience in residential and light commercial work, with a small practice in Rogers Park.   I am on the cutting edge of energy efficient design, as I am one of only a handful of architects in the US trained to implement The Passive House Standard, the world’s highest energy efficiency standard, promising 80-90% reduction in energy use by a building!  We also like to incorporate eastern zen themes in our work to make spaces that rejuvenate the soul and make one happy and peaceful.  We can work anywhere you have land.  See our websites to learn more about our unique approach.  Like MKP, I am a good listener, and will be completely honest with you about your project decisions.  I always say, a good design reflects the spirit of it’s owners.
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