Vlaiko Manlojlovski, Craniosacral Therapy and Somato-Emotional Release








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I began my studies as a bodyworker sixteen years ago by studying energy work. There I learned how to “be” with another and hold a space for healing to occur. It was like going to Kindergarten for healing. After two good years, I enrolled at the Chicago School of Massage Therapy and successfully completed the massage therapist training early 2002. I began supporting my self as a full time massage therapist. In December of 2002 I took my first Craniosacral Therapy course at the Upledger Institute and that’s when I really found my passion.

Since then, I have been steadily and consistently studying the art and science of this powerful modality. I have had many opportunities to study this work with expert practitioners, working closely with them in hands on settings where a very real and significant transfer of knowledge occurs. I have also spent a lot of time learning about life and healing from native peoples in this country. Through vision quests and other ceremonial practices I have come to a place where I understand and honor that life itself is a sacred thing and that when a person comes to me for help it is an expression of that sacredness. It completes a circle that holds a healing energy in it. Dr. Upledger taught that the “light touch” therapies such as Craniosacral Therapy can counteract the effects that violence and trauma have on the human physiology. Violence and trauma have long standing effects on a person on all planes: physical, mental, emotional, spiritual. There is something that happens on a molecular level when a person is either a victim of violence, a perpetrator of violence, or a witness to violence (which includes on screen images of violence). It can become a sort of addiction. He knew that compassionate and well intentioned touch combined with skill and knowledge helps a person undue and heal trauma.

This is something I know to be true in the work that I do. I work with a lot of different people, from infants to elders, with a broad spectrum of complaints and I do well with them. But I believe that my true gift is in working with people who have experienced trauma in one form or another. This is the sort of work I am called to do.

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