Charles R. Mattenson

Strategic Intellectual Property Specialists
Attorney at Law
Registered Patent Attorney
(847)    421-5126


As we are all warrior brothers and recognize the value of the work, I will make a donation to MKP for every project obtained through this listing.

In 30 years of private and corporate international patent practice, I’ve learned that the value in intellectual property is NOT in getting a lot of patents, trade marks, copyrights, etc.  It’s in using what you’ve created to grow your business, cut your expenses and make money. That may or may not entail getting a patent, which is expensive, very risky and takes a lot of time.

As an example, any business that makes anything spends a good part of its day figuring out how to make it faster, cheaper, with less waste, etc. The answers to these issues are inventions though most are not recognized as such and ultimately wasted.

I’ll help you identify, document and use your creativity to serve your business strategy, not to enrich some law firm. At the end of the day, how you do that are not legal decisions; they re business decisions. But, just like you need an accountant, a marketing expert, perhaps a manufacturing engineer, you need an expert to spot the opportunities and risks, analyze them and communicate them to you in language you can understand and work with to make decisions.

Please visit my web site above to learn more about IP and how it can help you grow your business.

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