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David Lindgren, M.A.
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Therapist, Life/Business Coach, Warrior Coach

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Being one of the co-founders of MKP-Chicago (formerly New Warrior Chicago) and the ManKind Project (formerly New Warrior Network) and also Center Director for 7 years, I have an attachment to the success of the ongoing effort to initiate men unto their mature masculine.  This also means contributing to the ever-present need of supporting the MKP community unto which the trainings are supported.  Therefore, I will contribute 10% of my earnings to MKP-Chicago from any referral on this site.  In the past year, P2S and I have contributed over $2,000 to the community.

My warrior mission is “to challenge myself and others to be spiritually awake in living missions of love and service”.  This mission evolved over 25 years in the “warrior work”, from leading over 90 NWTA, 60 P2S and over 30 leader trainings.  My experience in doing therapy and coaching has led me to work with hundreds of New Warriors and their families.  My best clients = New Warriors.  Why?  Because they know from whence-they-come, “the humility of being broken”.  Yet, my intention has always been to move past the wounding/healing stage and bring men to live their missions and to bring harmony and success to the families, to their health and well-being, their work lives and most importantly to their families.  And yet, there is often still “work” to be done which cannot be successfully completed in I-Groups and which needs individual therapy/coaching to be accomplished.

New Warriors has been my most fertile training ground.  Prior to MKP, my earlier years were spent first as a certified School Psychologist working and evaluating over 1,200 children.  Subsequently, I completed the 2-year training program at Northwestern’s FAMILY INSTITUTE.  Today, my client load consists of many men from the New Warrior community, couples and families.  I generally commit the sin of combining coaching and therapy.  Yet, I know when there is the necessary distinction to be made and the line to be drawn between therapy and coaching.

Early in my career, I found many individuals who needed coaching to handle practical life problems and I subsequently completed my coaching training with the Coaches Training Institute (CTI).  Yet, many individuals today don’t want the handle of being in therapy so “coaching” has become the predominate “culturally correct” modality that many favor.  I take the skeptical view that often people needing therapy favor coaching and sometimes, the reverse.

Through working with families, I encounter many situations where separation and divorce are the predominate reasons for referral.  Having been divorced myself and understanding  both the detrimental consequences of divorce and when it is necessary, I am seriously committed to helping men and women transact this delicate life stage.  And my ultimate commitment is always to the “family system” and also to serving the most vulnerable members of the family, its children.

My resume’ is available on request.
Filing for insurance is possible.
Free consultation over the phone to determine the right fit for our working together.

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