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Steve Frederick, Frederick Career Services
Jack Chapman, Lucrative Careers, Inc.

Call us at: 847-673-0339

We’re happy to donate ten percent of our fees to MKP.

We are career guides who help people to find their way in the often-bewildering job market. We especially enjoy working with men (and women) with a mission—people who really want to make the planet a better place. When we asked clients what they appreciate about us, one thing they said was they couldn’t believe how much one-on-one individual attention we gave them. They also appreciated getting hired and getting great paychecks.

We’ve helped a lot of people who are feeling:

  • Stuck in a job that’s not right for them
  • Frustrated that their job search is going nowhere
  • Afraid they will lose their job
  • Tired of wasting talent and life working at something that’s meaningless
  • Worried because they’re unemployed and depleting savings/going into debt
  • Not sure what to do next

We provide career thought leadership, insightful coaching, and lots of 1 on 1 attention to help you find the work you want.

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