carl Michael rossi, JD Collaborative Attorney concentrating in Divorce.






I practice in the Logan Square area of Chicago.

My website – learn more about me and about Collaborative Practice at

Contact me by email or phone here:

Or call direct at 773-442-2751

For every paid consultation by a Warrior man or WIC woman I receive from this service, I will donate $20 to MKP-Chicago or WIC, respectively.  For every retainer by a Warrior man or WIC woman, I will donate $200 upon completion to MKP-Chicago or WIC, respectively.

Why should you use Collaborative Practice in processing your divorce?  Why should you engage me?


You should consider CP if you believe, as I do,

  • that divorce must be done with a focus on the future,
  • that you and your soon-to-be-ex will still be in a ‘relationship’, just not married
  • that your future well-being does NOT have to be in conflict with that of your soon-to-be-ex
  • that honesty, integrity, and accountability DO fit in the divorce process.

I hope you will consider contacting me to discuss all this.  Why me?

  • My involvement with Collaborative Practice has continued since 1999, longer than anyone in Illinois.
  • I am a leader in the movement; known locally, nationally and internationally.
  • I was drawn to CP initially, and still, because of the extent to which it actively applies the principles I learned when I ‘became’ a Warrior (Feb, ’96).

“I help people transform divorce from an ending into a beginning.”

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