Microsoft Office Training, Support, and Automation Programming



direct: 1-773-744-7470

I will donate at least 10% of all money collected for work received from this posting to MKP Chicago to use as it deems most useful at the time.

Brothers and others,

I’m an Independent Software Consultant specializing in Microsoft Office, providing superior assistance no matter the size of your company or scope of your project. I’ve been professionally using, teaching, and supporting Microsoft Office for decades, as a rare combination of Microsoft Certified Master Instructor and VBA (Visual Basic for Applications) Software Developer. I bring a wide variety of real-world project experience from many industries. I’m a Subject Matter Expert ready to help you.

  • Where do you get stuck when using Office?
  • What skills do you want to grow through training?
  • How do you want to use that data you’ve collected?
  • How could your staff get more done with less time and effort?
  • What consistent results do you need from Word, Excel, Outlook, and PowerPoint?
  • How would you benefit from customized automation development, forms, or templates?

Here are a few of my credentials:

  •  Microsoft Certified Master Instructor for Microsoft Office: excellent software training since 1985
  •  Support Specialist – help desk (all levels), curricula, job aids, styles, formula-driven workbooks, etc.
  •  Software Developer – fully customized macros, dialog boxes, and templates for Word and Excel
  •  Experience at 70+ law firms and scores of other companies


Through training, I can educate and empower your employees to use what’s available already in Microsoft Office (there is quite a lot). Through software development, I can give you unique bespoke automation tools that run inside Office. These tools give your end-users unprecedented advantages that pay you back in saved time and effort, and yield consistent results. Together, training and automation can revolutionize how you work, proactively leveraging your investment in Microsoft Office with measurable increases in your bottom-line productivity and workforce efficiency.

Let’s explore possibilities of how we can work together to help you get the most out of this powerful software you already own and use every day.

“Rob’s a great teacher. He worked diligently and patiently to understand our training needs. And then he did a bang-up job of presenting material customized to our firm and the way we work with clients.”

— Recommendation on LinkedIn
Walter Miller: Owner of Norman Professional Services
MKP Chicago Warrior Brother

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Vlaiko Manlojlovski, Craniosacral Therapy and Somato-Emotional Release





I’ll donate 10% of fees collected to MKP Chicago

I began my studies as a bodyworker sixteen years ago by studying energy work. There I learned how to “be” with another and hold a space for healing to occur. It was like going to Kindergarten for healing. After two good years, I enrolled at the Chicago School of Massage Therapy and successfully completed the massage therapist training early 2002. I began supporting my self as a full time massage therapist. In December of 2002 I took my first Craniosacral Therapy course at the Upledger Institute and that’s when I really found my passion.

Since then, I have been steadily and consistently studying the art and science of this powerful modality. I have had many opportunities to study this work with expert practitioners, working closely with them in hands on settings where a very real and significant transfer of knowledge occurs. I have also spent a lot of time learning about life and healing from native peoples in this country. Through vision quests and other ceremonial practices I have come to a place where I understand and honor that life itself is a sacred thing and that when a person comes to me for help it is an expression of that sacredness. It completes a circle that holds a healing energy in it. Dr. Upledger taught that the “light touch” therapies such as Craniosacral Therapy can counteract the effects that violence and trauma have on the human physiology. Violence and trauma have long standing effects on a person on all planes: physical, mental, emotional, spiritual. There is something that happens on a molecular level when a person is either a victim of violence, a perpetrator of violence, or a witness to violence (which includes on screen images of violence). It can become a sort of addiction. He knew that compassionate and well intentioned touch combined with skill and knowledge helps a person undue and heal trauma.

This is something I know to be true in the work that I do. I work with a lot of different people, from infants to elders, with a broad spectrum of complaints and I do well with them. But I believe that my true gift is in working with people who have experienced trauma in one form or another. This is the sort of work I am called to do.

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Hi, I’m Le Wang. Photographer




I commit to donating 5% of my profits from any business I generate from this listing
A Chicago photographer and director, I draw upon years of experience in photography, directing, acting, jazz improvisation, dance, and other art forms to aide us in making a holistic image of you. Beside using the appropriate angles, lighting, and composition, the most important challenge for me is to capture your truth in these images. I commit to leveraging all the various tools and exercises to help you relax and feel comfortable in front of the camera. That way we will create the best possible images and show the world your unique gift.
I’ve made such great connections with all of the you who I’ve had the honor to shoot over the years and I loved every moment of it. It’s my passion for this work and your beauty that will shine when you present these images to your clients, friends, family, and yourself.









Le Wang
Black Tiger

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Charles R. Mattenson

Strategic Intellectual Property Specialists
Attorney at Law
Registered Patent Attorney
(847)    421-5126


As we are all warrior brothers and recognize the value of the work, I will make a donation to MKP for every project obtained through this listing.

In 30 years of private and corporate international patent practice, I’ve learned that the value in intellectual property is NOT in getting a lot of patents, trade marks, copyrights, etc.  It’s in using what you’ve created to grow your business, cut your expenses and make money. That may or may not entail getting a patent, which is expensive, very risky and takes a lot of time.

As an example, any business that makes anything spends a good part of its day figuring out how to make it faster, cheaper, with less waste, etc. The answers to these issues are inventions though most are not recognized as such and ultimately wasted.

I’ll help you identify, document and use your creativity to serve your business strategy, not to enrich some law firm. At the end of the day, how you do that are not legal decisions; they re business decisions. But, just like you need an accountant, a marketing expert, perhaps a manufacturing engineer, you need an expert to spot the opportunities and risks, analyze them and communicate them to you in language you can understand and work with to make decisions.

Please visit my web site above to learn more about IP and how it can help you grow your business.

Papa Bear

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Therapist, Life/Business Coach, Warrior Coach






David Lindgren, M.A.
Success Coach, Inc., LLC
Way of the Warrior/Path to Spirit

Therapist, Life/Business Coach, Warrior Coach

1830 Sherman Ave., #403, Evanston
333 N. Michigan, #1114, Chicago
312 415-7455

Being one of the co-founders of MKP-Chicago (formerly New Warrior Chicago) and the ManKind Project (formerly New Warrior Network) and also Center Director for 7 years, I have an attachment to the success of the ongoing effort to initiate men unto their mature masculine.  This also means contributing to the ever-present need of supporting the MKP community unto which the trainings are supported.  Therefore, I will contribute 10% of my earnings to MKP-Chicago from any referral on this site.  In the past year, P2S and I have contributed over $2,000 to the community.

My warrior mission is “to challenge myself and others to be spiritually awake in living missions of love and service”.  This mission evolved over 25 years in the “warrior work”, from leading over 90 NWTA, 60 P2S and over 30 leader trainings.  My experience in doing therapy and coaching has led me to work with hundreds of New Warriors and their families.  My best clients = New Warriors.  Why?  Because they know from whence-they-come, “the humility of being broken”.  Yet, my intention has always been to move past the wounding/healing stage and bring men to live their missions and to bring harmony and success to the families, to their health and well-being, their work lives and most importantly to their families.  And yet, there is often still “work” to be done which cannot be successfully completed in I-Groups and which needs individual therapy/coaching to be accomplished.

New Warriors has been my most fertile training ground.  Prior to MKP, my earlier years were spent first as a certified School Psychologist working and evaluating over 1,200 children.  Subsequently, I completed the 2-year training program at Northwestern’s FAMILY INSTITUTE.  Today, my client load consists of many men from the New Warrior community, couples and families.  I generally commit the sin of combining coaching and therapy.  Yet, I know when there is the necessary distinction to be made and the line to be drawn between therapy and coaching.

Early in my career, I found many individuals who needed coaching to handle practical life problems and I subsequently completed my coaching training with the Coaches Training Institute (CTI).  Yet, many individuals today don’t want the handle of being in therapy so “coaching” has become the predominate “culturally correct” modality that many favor.  I take the skeptical view that often people needing therapy favor coaching and sometimes, the reverse.

Through working with families, I encounter many situations where separation and divorce are the predominate reasons for referral.  Having been divorced myself and understanding  both the detrimental consequences of divorce and when it is necessary, I am seriously committed to helping men and women transact this delicate life stage.  And my ultimate commitment is always to the “family system” and also to serving the most vulnerable members of the family, its children.

My resume’ is available on request.
Filing for insurance is possible.
Free consultation over the phone to determine the right fit for our working together.

Please call or e-mail for a free 30 minute consultation.

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1 on 1 Career Coach







Steve Frederick, Frederick Career Services
Jack Chapman, Lucrative Careers, Inc.

Call us at: 847-673-0339

We’re happy to donate ten percent of our fees to MKP.

We are career guides who help people to find their way in the often-bewildering job market. We especially enjoy working with men (and women) with a mission—people who really want to make the planet a better place. When we asked clients what they appreciate about us, one thing they said was they couldn’t believe how much one-on-one individual attention we gave them. They also appreciated getting hired and getting great paychecks.

We’ve helped a lot of people who are feeling:

  • Stuck in a job that’s not right for them
  • Frustrated that their job search is going nowhere
  • Afraid they will lose their job
  • Tired of wasting talent and life working at something that’s meaningless
  • Worried because they’re unemployed and depleting savings/going into debt
  • Not sure what to do next

We provide career thought leadership, insightful coaching, and lots of 1 on 1 attention to help you find the work you want.

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carl Michael rossi, LPC, NCC Licensed Counselor; Board Certified Coach






I practice in the Logan Square area of Chicago.
Call me at 773-442-2751

For every Warrior man or WIC woman [or couple including one], from this service, who sees me for at least 3 sessions, I will donate $20 to MKP-Chicago or WIC, respectively.

I have focused my work over the past 10+ years with people in relationship.  I see individuals or ‘couples’.  I work with developing communication skills/techniques, empathy, expectations/judgments and effective planning for the relationship.

I bring to my work all the passion and compassion made available to me in Warriors.  (Feb, ’96)

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carl Michael rossi, JD Collaborative Attorney concentrating in Divorce.






I practice in the Logan Square area of Chicago.

My website – learn more about me and about Collaborative Practice at

Contact me by email or phone here:

Or call direct at 773-442-2751

For every paid consultation by a Warrior man or WIC woman I receive from this service, I will donate $20 to MKP-Chicago or WIC, respectively.  For every retainer by a Warrior man or WIC woman, I will donate $200 upon completion to MKP-Chicago or WIC, respectively.

Why should you use Collaborative Practice in processing your divorce?  Why should you engage me?


You should consider CP if you believe, as I do,

  • that divorce must be done with a focus on the future,
  • that you and your soon-to-be-ex will still be in a ‘relationship’, just not married
  • that your future well-being does NOT have to be in conflict with that of your soon-to-be-ex
  • that honesty, integrity, and accountability DO fit in the divorce process.

I hope you will consider contacting me to discuss all this.  Why me?

  • My involvement with Collaborative Practice has continued since 1999, longer than anyone in Illinois.
  • I am a leader in the movement; known locally, nationally and internationally.
  • I was drawn to CP initially, and still, because of the extent to which it actively applies the principles I learned when I ‘became’ a Warrior (Feb, ’96).

“I help people transform divorce from an ending into a beginning.”

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SAC Wireless is now Hiring

From Warrior Brother Lew Caliento who is looking to hire Warriors first!


Now Hiring! Men & Women


SAC Wireless, LLC ( is in the process of hiring proven professionals for a large project based in Rosemont. If you have any of following skills/experience email, fax or mail your resume to be invited to interview. Looking for:

Project Management-Construction, Telecommunications or any large scale projects;

Wireless Services/Telecommunications, site development or construction;

Real Estate Services, commercial/industrial leasing or residential sales/leasing;

Legal/paralegal: Real Estate related preferred but not required.

A working knowledge of excel/project management software is desired; basic computer skills are essential. If you are interested submit your resume to (attention Janet Mellenthin).

Fax: 847-991-5707 ATTN: Janet Mellenthin or;

mail to: SAC Wireless, ATTN: Janet Mellenthin, 635 E. Remington Rd, Schaumburg, IL 60173.

Please do not email, fax or call with questions.


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Bob Copeland– Business Development

I will donate 2% of my annual salary to MKP Chicago for length of contract or 12 months, whichever is shorter (if hired or introduced through MKP.)

Put my energy, creativity, and service to work generating new revenue for your business. I’ll develop and execute a targeted, cost-effective B2B sales strategy utilizing:

  • face-to-face, consultative, outside sales
  • sales partner relationship building and training
  • phone sales, webinars, and social media.
  • exhibit marketing and events.
  • outreach and networking.

Call or email me to discuss your business development needs!

(Full-time, salary + incentive position with health insurance and benefits preferred)

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